Thursday, September 2, 2010

A primary color, blue, lots and lots of blues

The various blues of the lap quilt made by Mama's Aunt Eva and adored by our Duncan, the darlin' dachshund.

The powder blues of a summertime hydrangea.

The blue of the fireboat water spray, Rose Festival, 2008, when the fleet came in to dock.

Blue wildflower at the Festival of Flowers, Pioneer Courthouse Square, downtown Portland.


oldmanlincoln said...

The hydrangea is lovely and looks healthy. The soil Ph is different here and mine is always pink.

I also like the portrait of Duncan.

Jacob said...

I like all of these Lynette! But the dog in the quilt gets the old heart very cute. Love Dachshunds!

The fireboat photo is also especially nice!

WendyB said...

Great combo of pix...of course, I'm partial to Duncan's.

Jack said...

Now, Lynnette, that dog isn't just a little bit spoiled, is he?

Jim Klenke said...

cowboy blue?

merrytait said...

WOW! Spectacular photos!!! Very strange boat spray!