Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Polar Plunge Pix

I volunteered to take photos for the Oregon Special Olympics Polar Plunge fund raiser on Jan. 30. Lots and lots of folks raised lots and lots of money by splashing their way into the Columbia River at the 42nd Street Boat Ramp. That's where the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office has a River Patrol office, and they let me ride on one of their boats to take the photos! How lucky for me because I had a splendid view. Plus I got to hear lots and lots of squeals as various folks realized just how cold the water felt.

Unfortunately I don't know the identity of any of the groups, but I can tell you that this is a shot of most of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office plungers, employees and family members I was told. See the man in the orange vest? He's the sheriff--I've seen him on TV.

More photos soon of costumes, splashes, and smiles!


Gr8fulTed said...

Nice blog. I like it. I might even link to it inside my own blog. Photos are fun!

Don and Krise said...

Our Polar Bear Plunge happened on New Year's Day, as it does every year. I've thought of participating and trying to get our kids to go too, but haven't yet. What about you Lynette? Why don't you take the plunge? ;-O

AmyR said...

I really don't think I could ever, ever do that. Wow.

Great view and lovely pics!

Anonymous said...

Exhibitionists. Next year they've promised to do it nude. I understand the place sold out of standing room only tickets and the money raised bought the police chief a new car. Wow.

Louis la Vache said...

That water looks cold!

(And the sheriff looks like a sheriff! Did you import him from Mississippi?!)