Monday, October 20, 2008

Cheesecake Run, Part One

This baby weighed in at seven pounds! I knew from past experience how it would taste--the flavor, the texture, the joy of it all--so right after work, once I heard Lamont say to me on my cell phone, "Dave made cheesecake," I set out for 3 Doors Down Cafe at SE 37th and Hawthorne, thinking, "I'm goin' on a cheesecake run!"

I mean, it had been since New Year's Eve, 2006, when I'd had my first and only other piece of Dave's cheesecake. That night Lamont had been directed to let me know ASAP when another one made an appearance. Now, practically 22 months later the magic words had been spoken into my unexpecting ear.

I left my building on one #14 bus, got off to take a few photos elsewhere--more on that later--and then boarded the one you see here, approaching me on SE Hawthorne.

Here's what I saw as I stepped off the bus, catty-cornered from 3 Doors Down Cafe.

And here's 3 Doors Down Cafe, itself. I opened the door right beneath the sign and headed for the kitchen so that I could grin at Dave and take a photo of the cheesecake. First, though, I grinned at Kathy who greeted me, smiling and saying, "You look like a roving reporter with your camera around your neck and your rolling bag." I just love that she said that!

Please come back tomorrow for Cheesecake Run, Part Two. There's food and drink involved, I promise.

Oh, by the way, I ended up grinning at everyone who works at 3 Doors Down, including my darlin' first-born son Lamont.


AVCR8TEUR said...

I haven't met a cheesecake I didn't like and yours is no exception. Looking forward to more!

BouBou said...

Mmm... cheesecake!!

What a delicious photo. Yum!


ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

Yummmmmmm! Save me a piece! Better yet, save me a pie!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Gosh you covered that like a reporter would too. Nice photographs.

Denton said...

Hi Lynette, sorry it has been a while since I visited ... Seems I'm saying that to often lately ... I enjoyed your story and I'm sure everyone enjoyed your grins ... the cheesecake looks great.

You are invited to visit my October 21st post where there is big news and link to show my grandson who was born this last weekend.

WendyB said...


Anonymous said...

Ahhh the Bagdad Theater...upstairs in what used to be a dentist's office were the offices of The Southeast Times, a brief-lived free neighborhood newspaper in the '80's now found only in the Oregon Historical Society archives. My darkroom looked out at the Bagdad sign on the corner...many happy hours spent there preparing reprographics and pasting up mechanicals with former Willamette Week staffers